2018 Design Challenge

So I wanted to set myself a task that was achievable and something that would get me
back into developing my creative thinking.

I decided that I would allow myself only 30 minutes per day to come up with as many concepts
as possible for a new logo for a random company, at the end of the week I would then allow
myself only 1 hour to develop my favourite concept and post it on this blog.

Further Stuff.

Prior to each day I will not do any research into the companies current logo, this way I will develop completely
biased designs based completely on the company name & field in which they cover. I’m mostly wanting to do this
because I want to make sure that I am being as creative as possible, so i’ll be doing this challenge alongside
all freelance and full time work.

I feel over the past few months sketching has become something I haven’t been doing as much as I used to,
so this is to get me back into the habit of starting with paper and pencil. I was initially inspired by a lot of these 30 day design challenges but I didn’t know what to do so I thought I wouldn’t set myself a limit of when I stop, I think I might change it
every month however I don’t want to decide that now because I have a bad habit of changing my mind!

Some things that I might cover are t-shirt illustrations, poster design, packaging design. 2018 is the year that I finally start making a name for myself in the freelance design world and I start developing skills that I want to make a career out of or would simply like to learn out of curiosity.

Other than this design challenge I am going to set myself other tasks that involve things such as gaining X amount of clients a month, pushing myself out of my comfort zone & standing up for my work and believing more in my skills and self.

P.S. Another challenge i’m setting myself is blogging as I haven’t had any REAL experience blogging, especially for my own use. So I apologise in advance if this isn’t a ‘conventional’ blog?