This journal is a space where I curate and collect all my new ideas & write about a variety of exciting content created both by Smeaton Creative & others.

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  • Week 5 – Change of plans..

    I made a f**k up & it’s time for change!

  • Week 4 – Phoenix Catering

    Nothing better than spelling something wrong and noticing at the last minute…. Have a gander to see what I messed up with!

  • Week 3 – Floow

    This week gave me the opportunity to work on my typography skills and to create the base of a colourful brand! Got to curve all those corners..

  • Week 2 – Sumo Digital

    Going for that minimal approach appears to be a re-accuring thing and I’m struggling harder to find time to complete these on a daily basis than I thought I would!

  • Week 1 – Davy Markham Construction

    First week of the 2018 design challenge. Have a look at what companies the first week of 2018 had me creating logo ideas for and in the end which concept I went for!

  • 2018 Design Challenge(s)

    Only 30 minutes per day to come up with as many concepts
    as possible for a new logo for a random company.