Week 1

So this is the first week of my design challenge and I must admit I found it slightly more difficult than I remember to just think out of my own head rather than doing initial research. Although I’m sure that this kind of thinking will grow as the weeks go by. I think that this is something that I will be able to stick with because it allows me to concentrate on somethingand almost ‘zone out’ whilst sketching.

The first weeks companies are; Arthur Price & Co, Davy Markham Construction & John Wilson. Below you will be able to see a few shots of my sketches for each of these companies however the one that I ended up developing further was the Davy Markham logo.

Arthur Price & Co // John Wilson

The above sketches are for two completely different companies, Arthur Price is a cutlery manufacturer and John Wilson is a Ice skating blade manufacturer. Although I really enjoyed the concepts I came up with for Arthur Price & Co I still don’t think that they were my strongest and I have to admit I struggled a little with John Wilson, I’m not entirely sure why but I just felt I couldn’t think of anything relatively creative for a ice skate blading company..

Davy Markham

Davy Markham is a construction company, I wasn’t sure what kind of construction so I assumed it would be building houses, offices, etc. I wanted to go down a route that emphasised the structural and strong personality & trade of the company. So this meant me looking at bold typography, looking at using shapes that would help represent a building and also possibly using bricks as the basis for the logo. This logo had to be something that would last this company many decades but also make it look like it could’ve beenaround for decades before.

Below is the final concept that I decided to go for.

Chosen concept

So I decided to develop this logo further, the main reason I wanted to develop this was because I wanted something that showed the strong, structural aspect of Davy Markham, and I wanted to create something that would be easy to use on the side of a van aswell as look great on stationery.