Week 2

So second week in and still trying to get into the swing of doing the challenge every day and finding time to do it with everything that’s going on! I have missed a day last week however I still wanted to post what I tried to do. I think i’m finding it hard to concentrate.. need to find a little space or force myself to put my earphones in!

I have noticed that these past two weeks I appear to have been inspired by a minimal approach to logo’s so I think I need to maybe have a crack at doing something more ‘my style’ rather than straight vector based logo! Anyway, below is what i’ve been doing.

Planet X Bikes // Richlyn Systems // Spear + Johnson

So I have tried my hardest to think of some logo designs for these above companies but I must admit I have struggled. I’m not making excuses but I feel i’ve had alot on this week so I will have to try HARDER to find time to do this challenge each day and make sure I don’t miss any days off.

So the first company was Planet X Bikes and I thought I’d have a lot of ideas but seemed to be pretty brain dead,
I liked the idea of making the X into a bike.

The second was Richlyn Systems which I knew I would struggle with but I tried to go down the route of cabling and coding, I then tried to take a bit of inspiration from the old computer units with all the buttons on it.

And third was Spear + Johnson which is a hand tool manufacturer and I wanted to try take some inspiration from primitive hand tools and maybe using them in the logo. I also had a look at maybe a logotype but I couldn’t think of anything that worked well.

Davy Markham

So I know this is kind of a cheat but I already knew what the logo for Sumo Digital is, but I thought that I could try go in a completely different direction to what it already was. I surprisingly couldn’t think of much that was different to their current logo so I didn’t get many different ideas down. The concept that I chose to develop further was the fists idea, I ended up changing it to be more of a minial approach.

Chosen concept

I wanted to create something that was completely different to their current logo which is currently very arty and includes paint strokes. This approach looks at the way in which their product will be used at the end of the line, their products are games and people use controllers to play them. I wanted to try and create some sort of S out of the hands aswell. I am not entirely happy with this design but it is the best concept that I could come up with in the time I allocated myself!