Week 3

Third week in and it’s the first week that i’ve managed to complete all 5 days of sketching! I am quite happy with alot of the different concepts I have designed this week however you will see below which I went with in the end.

I also started using Skillshare this week, something that I want to start doing is keep upto date and testing my skills and working on new ones. I have been trying to watch atleast one video for the past couple of days, having it on my phone is probably the best idea ever, it allows me to watch videos on the bus and during breaks at work! I have taken some inspiration with my latest redesign, and not only that I have somehow had a go at redesigning a scam company… I’ll not tell you which it was, might be a fun thing for you to search through the companies to work out which it was. Anyway, have a gander at my last week!

Warp Records // Faith Leather // Goodward Construction // G + M Locksmiths

A quick overview of this weeks sketches & companies.

Warp Records is an recording label, I had no idea what their logo might possibly look like so I wanted to look at the possibility of a warp hole / black hole sort of thing, something that I could play with the type with.

Next was Faith Leather, I knew they created leather jackets but I didn’t want to go down the typical, clothing icon route. I was kind of inspired abit by Red’s True BBQ menu branding, I like the idea of staying truly typographic and
incorporating small accents to give it that ‘holy’ look.

Goodward Construction, this company specialises in constructing with wood, so I went down an simplistic route, something that would give the brand that ‘natural’ feel without making the company look to much like a corporate business. I wanted to create something that helped show that this company cares for the
wood they are using.

Finally, G + M Locksmiths, I wont lie I struggled coming up with concepts for this company. However, my excuse is that I decided to try and watch a video on Skillshare whilst doing this one and I was rather distracted… Anyway I tried my best and went down the route of playing with the shape of a lock, combining both the
G + M together.


So in the end I decided that I wanted to full redesign the logo for what was originally ‘The Floow’, however I thought that the company sounded better. I wasn’t 100% sure what the company did, other that Telematics Technology, which I wasn’t really sure was. I thought it might be something to do with Data and possibly App creation…? So I rolled with it!

I wanted to design something strictly typographic, I thought that the name itself asked for something that was script – like. In the end I went for something that was curved nicely, something that would work great no matter where you put it! I will admit I took quite abit of inspiration from Aaron Draplin on this one, but I think it works really well!

Chosen concept

In the end the above is what I ended up creating, I went through a bit of development to get this final piece. I wanted something that was soft, something that works in the modern era, I wanted to create something that wouldn’t necessarily shout what the company did, but the brand itself would do all the talking. I have never really created something in the past that used
loud colours so this was a great opportunity!