Week 4

Fourth week in and i’m still struggling with my time management skills. I also messed up big time on my final logo design… but more on that later in the post! Something I’ve been spending alot of time looking at and researching these past few days are logotypes and old logos. I’m hoping to spend more time creating logotypes and exploring just what can be done with type.

P.S. Apologies for another late post… but hey it’s my blog not yours.

Wildcat Camping // Cream Castles // Nankivells // Phoenix Catering // Amulette

Again, I found this week to be a difficult one.. I feel that I have fallen off in terms of motivation so I need to get back cracking with it!

Wildcat Camping was probably amongst my favourite of the 5 logo’s I did, I think that if I had maybe another half a hour, hour I could’ve really come up with something worth taking further!

Cream Castles, I struggled hard with this one! I couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t very predicable and not creative enough…

Nankivells was a hard one in terms of knowing what kind of logo to create for a kitchen company… do you go lifestyle or construction style? In the end I couldn’t come up with a compromise so I didn’t choose this one!

Lastly was Amulette, I must admit I could’ve created a great logotype for this if I had maybe another hour or so, but I want to stick to my time frames!

Phoenix Catering

Phoenix Catering I will admit I ended up doing all my sketches and after my half an hour…. realising i’d spelt phoenix wrong… so in the end I had to go back and redo the ‘oe’ ligature. I wanted to go a different direction with Phoenix Catering and go mostly typographic. I wanted to go down the scripted, friendly approach but keeping all the imperfections, almost like it’d just been written with a pen and scanned in.

Chosen concept

So above is the logotype I created for Phoenix Catering. I must admit I’m not 100% happy with it but it’s the best I could get it with the time that I had. I won’t lie, i’m struggling with my time management huge!! so that’s something to work on this week..

Side note – I’m trying to work on creating logotypes more than icon based logo’s. I feel that I like the look of a logotype more and it adds more character to a brand than a simple icon. But we will see what comes off the coming weeks!