Change of plans!

So for the whole of January I have done a logo a day, but i’m finding it hard to not so much keep sketching logos (that I could do all day!) it’s more along the lines of I believe i’m not really improving my ‘design’ skills, rather my ‘logo design’ skills. This daily challenge was supposed to be about improvement and development, and I feel that after a month of constantly designing logos and nothing more for this challenge, I want more! So, I had devised a brilliant plan!

I have kept with the idea of creating work for a set client, written down is a company for every day of the month. I will then use an app that contain; Packaging, Pattern, Logo, Illustrated Poster, Poster, Tee design & Advert, I will then spin this random wheel and whichever it lands on I will spend 30 minute brainstorming or coming up with that design idea for that company!

By doing this I think it will add more variety and also allow me to be able to concentrate and maybe not be influenced by the last design. If I get the same thing 4 times in a row, oh well, but it’s a random daily challenge. SO LET THE WHEEL SPINNING BEGIN!

I made a f**k up..

I was supposed to be creating a logo for the whole fo Jan but I fell short and have had a kinda busy last week or so. So I have started my Feb challenging on the 5th.. I will probably be stopping this daily design challenge further in the month due to a change in career/lifestyle. But once everything is back on track I might be back. Until then I intend on enjoying the next few weeks creating these random challenges.